Door symbol meanings - Hades

Discover what the symbols on the doors in Hades mean so you can make more informed decisions.


The various symbols on the doors in Hades give players a little more agency in an otherwise entirely random experience. By understanding what each symbol means, and picking the one that best suits your desired build, you might just be able to fight your way out of Hades.

Hades’ door symbols explained

There are a lot of symbols to digest and remember in Hades. As you’re making your way through the various rooms, picking the correct door to go through will depend entirely on whether you want what’s on the other side. For this reason, knowing what the symbols mean and what type of reward awaits you is critical. The following table includes the symbol names, what they look like, and what is on offer. 

Credit to Hades Gamepedia for the following symbol icons.

Name Symbol Explainer
The currency used to permanently upgrade Zagreus using the Mirror of Night in his bedroom
Charon's Obol
Currency used in Charon’s shop found within the realm of Hades
Centaur Heart
Heals Zagreus and increases maximum health by 25
Pom of Power
Upgrades a boon to its next power level
Daedalus Hammer
Upgrades your weapon during the attempt
Chthonic Key
Currency used to unlock weapons or traded in the lounge
Currency used at the Contractors for upgrades
Focuses on Weak and Charmed effects and defensive stats
Focuses on Doom effect and offensive stats
Increases Critical Hit status and improves Cast ability
Offers Deflect effects and increases defensive stats
Different bonuses which last a few encounters
Chill effect, debuff, and healing
Hangover effect and damage reduction
Speed effect focusing on all things related to movement and cooldowns
Knockback effects and better rewards
Lightning effects
Trial of the Gods Two god boons together Choose between the two boons on offer and fight enemies from the one you do not pick
Charon's Shop Bag This is Charon's shop where you can spend Charon's Obols
NPC encounter White exclamation mark An NPC unique to the area (Sisyphus, Eurdice, or Patroclus) whose storyline can be advanced by offering Nectar
Miniboss Room Skull A symbol with a skull on it denotes it will be a miniboss room with better rewards

With a firm grasp on the door symbols in Hades, you should hopefully find your runs getting a bit longer and your builds becoming more refined. Stop by the Shacknews Hades page for more helpful guides and the latest news on this fantastic roguelike experience.

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