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DC Universe Online celebrates 10 years with free gifts and new trailer

DC Universe Online weathered several storms, but the superhero MMORPG has survived and is celebrating 10 years.


DC Universe Online players may be asking themselves today, "Has it been ten years already?" It has, indeed, been ten years since the MMORPG based on the DC Comics universe first launched. The ownership has sometimes changed, but the game has remained the same and current development team Dimensional Ink Games is ready to celebrate. On Tuesday, the studio announced its plans to celebrate the game's decennial anniversary by releasing a trailer and revealing special player rewards.

Current DC Universe Online players can take part in the anniversary celebration with one free Character Advance to CR290. The Character Advance must be claimed before January 31, 2021 by logging into the game, though it can be used at a later time once it's picked up. They'll also receive several more gifts, including a gear suit with Restored Shim'Tar Regalia style, a new Paradox Gazer combat pet, two new celebratory fireworks trinkets, and two new 10th anniversary emblems.

Those enrolled in the premium DCUO membership can pick up some extra goodies, as well. They'll receive a Member Appreciation Gift Box. This contains an Anti Matter Neon Chroma Pack, Nth Metal totaling 220,000 Artifact XP, an Artifact Cache, a set of Artifact Catalysts, an Nth Metal Detector, and four Seals of Preservation. Membership costs vary by platform.

Dimensional Ink also posted an infographic over on the DC Universe Online website with ten years' worth of stats. This includes over 27 million unique players, 69 million characters created, and 702 million hours played. The studio doesn't plan to slow down, either. The DCUO team is currently hard at work on the game's native PlayStation 5 client, which is set to launch later this year.

It wasn't always smooth sailing for DC Universe Online. It originally started its life under the Sony Online Entertainment umbrella. Then that company broke off from Sony and became Daybreak Game Company. Then that company split apart, leading to the current Dimensional Ink ownership. Things weren't exactly stable with the source material's house, either. DC Comics has had a rocky decade, rebooting its universe more than once and shaking up the status quo of many of its characters. In spite of all of that, DC Universe Online has gone on strong and looks to be in a good place going forward. DC Universe Online is free-to-play on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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