Everspace 2 is launching in early access later this January

Steam Early Access and GOG Games in Development versions of Everspace 2 will launch later this month, boasting around 25 hours of campaign and side mission content.


Rockfish Games has been working on the follow-up to its freeform space exploration and combat sim Everspace for several years now, and it would seem Everspace 2 is finally ready to take its maiden voyage into early access later this January. The game has been given a release date for early access on both Steam and GOG this month.

Rockfish Games announced the details of early access for Everspace 2 in a developer update alongside an early access release date trailer on the Rockfish Games YouTube channel. Slated to arrive in both Steam Early Access and GOG Games in Development programs on January 18, 2021, Everspace 2’s early launch build will invite players to explore about 12 hours worth of campaign story content across two fully-fleshed out star systems. Players will also be able to explore a wealth of side missions and optional opportunities to make for around 25 hours worth of overall gameplay at early access launch.

Rockfish 2 has long promised to make Everspace 2 an altogether more ambitious sequel to the popular original title, focusing the story with a more concise storyline while simultaneously crafting new vast and gorgeous universes to explore as players carry out their interstellar piloting career. From our experience last year at PAX South, ships are looking as diverse and customizable as ever and combat feels great as you use the strengths of your craft and its armaments to turn foes into space debris. It will be interesting to see this all finally come together in a way that everyone can take a dive into later this month.

As Everspace 2 prepares to launch stay tuned to Everspace's Twitter and the Steam page for key giveaways that will get you into the game when early access rolls out on January 18, 2021. Stay tuned to Shacknews for further news and details from Rockfish and Everspace 2 as well.

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