Shacknews Best Trendsetter of 2020 - Among Us

This year delivered a lot of new trends and moments but Among Us managed to have the most impact and important trends.


Though it may not have released in 2020, Among Us is certainly a game that had the greatest impact on gaming and society, making it a clear winner for the Shacknews Best Trendsetter of 2020 award. Who can deny the impact it has had or just how far-reaching the game’s language has extended beyond its virtual world.

Take for instance the fact that players vote each other out. Players in North America, and around the world, were quick to utilize this verbiage in one of the most important US elections in recent memory. “Vote orange out” was no longer something you’d ask someone to do in-game, it was a call to action for those going out to perform their civic duty.

As the game continued to gain traction, other political figures were quick to jump in and seize the opportunity. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the US Representative of New York’s 14th congressional district, took to the game to inspire younger voters to get out and vote. It’s not every day that a video game is utilized by political figures in order to spread awareness.

But beyond politics, Among Us also fuelled the use of the word “sus” in casual conversation. Sure, it’s one that’s been around for an age, but the fact it’s become so commonplace this year is thanks entirely to Among Us. Anyone that uses “sus” in casual conversation these days is sure to at least be aware of Among Us.

For a game with admittedly basic graphics, no real moderation tools or accounts (yet), and a UI designed for mobile, it’s incredible just how much of a trendsetter Among Us has become. In a few years from now when we look at this time, we’ll likely see Among Us for what it is: a game that captured and influenced the zeitgeist of 2020. Among Us is simply the best trendsetter in an unprecedented year full of new trends.

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