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How to use cross-saves in Hades

Learn how to enable cross-saves in Hades for Nintendo Switch and PC so you can take your progress between systems.


Hades now has cross-save functionality between PC and Nintendo Switch. This helpful new feature will let you take your progress between your various devices. For those that want to take advantage of cross-save, there are a few steps that must be taken to set it up.

How to use cross-saves – Hades

Cross-saves have finally been added to Hades on Nintendo Switch. This feature allows players to take their save file from Nintendo Switch and play it on PC (either Steam or Epic Games Store) and vice versa. In order to do this, you must activate cross-saves on your Nintendo Switch:

  1. Load up Hades on Nintendo Switch (update it if you need to)
  2. Select Cross-Saves from the main menu
  3. Connect your Steam and/or Epic Games accounts
  4. Select Sync & Quit from the pause menu to upload your save

Setting up the cross-save feature in Hades is rather simple. Begin by updating your game on Nintendo Switch and then launching it.

hades cross saves nintendo switch

From the main menu, select the cross-save option. You will see a new screen dedicated to cross-saves between the Nintendo Switch and Steam and Epic Games. You can connect both accounts, but remember the cross-save will only work if you have Hades purchased on the specific store. For instance, if you don’t have Hades on the Epic Games Store, you won’t be able to play your Nintendo Switch save file there.

hades cross save steam epic games store connected

When everything is all connected and set up, you can upload your save file to the cloud so that you can access it elsewhere. To do this, load up your save file and then select the Sync & Quit option. This will save your game and also upload your file. After the sync is completed, you should be able to continue playing on the other platform.

With cross-saves in Hades activated, you can start enjoying one game save across all your platforms. No longer will you need to split your time between different versions of Hades! Be sure to stop by the Shacknews Hades page for more guides as well as the latest news and announcements.

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