Can you customize vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077?

Looking to spice up your wheels in Cyberpunk 2077? Here's what you need to know about customizing vehicles in CDPR's latest RPG.


Your vehicle is one of the primary ways you get around Night City. Whether you’re rocking a slick set of wheels, or just jamming out to your tunes on a beat-up motorcycle, getting a vehicle that fits your style is probably going to be a high priority. This has led many to ask “can you customize vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077?” We’ve got the answer right here.

Can you customize vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077?

The short answer here is a big fat no. Despite offering a ton of vehicle options and even a slew of modifications for weapons, clothes, and your Cyberware, vehicles are a bit of a no-go when it comes to customization.

can you customize vehicles in cyberpunk 2077?
You can't customize your vehicle, but you can buy new ones.

You can, however, pick up a new set of wheels, so long as you have the cash for it. While the fact that you can’t customize your vehicle is a bit disappointing given the nature of the open world and people wanting to immerse themselves completely within it, the good news is many of the vehicles that are for sell already look really good. You just have to find and unlock the ability to purchase them. Check your messages for any recent options that might have popped after completing a side or main job in the game.

If you’re looking for more info on how to get a new car, then you can check out our Cyberpunk 2077 guide for more info about that and links to tons of other useful guides we’ve put together. Those who love customization will probably also be curious to know whether or not they can customize their character after the character creator. We’ve also put together a guide for that.

Now that you know you can’t customize your vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077, you can at least focus on finding one that checks all the boxes that you’re looking to check when it comes to owning a sweet ride in CD Projekt RED’s corporation run future city.

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