ShackStream: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 with ChalkOne

Last boarding call for the Shacknews flight from New York to Washington D.C.


Good day, Shacknews! Today we’ve got an extra special stream of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 planned. The stream will be hosted by none other than Jan Peek, a top bloke who does a lot of work behind the scenes here. Be sure to stop by the stream, which you can find just below!

The Microsoft Flight Simulator stream is set to begin at 11:00 a.m. PT / 2:00 p.m. ET. Throughout this stream, Jan will be showing us what makes Flight Simulator 2020 such a masterpiece.

Jan will be taking us all on the East Coast USA Tour Discovery Flight. This is a special path designed by Asobo Studio, taking us from New York to Washington D.C. Flight time is between 90 minutes and two hours, so make sure you wave down a flight attendant for some refreshments.

As for how we will be flying, Jan has a 4K and full Logitech flight peripheral setup replete with head-tracking via TrackIR. For this occasion, we will be in a special customized Cessna 208B Grand Caravan.

For those that have yet to dive into the serene sim, here a taste of what Shacknews Tech Editor Chris Jarrard had to say in his Microsoft Flight Simulator review:

There is not enough room to list everything else offered by Microsoft Flight Simulator, but everything I did get to see during my time with the game was impressive.[…]The game marks the official entry into the next generation of visual fidelity and scope.

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