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Capcom Arcade Stadium revealed for Nintendo Switch at The Game Awards

Capcom is putting its quarter in for a new arcade collection called Capcom Arcade Stadium and it's coming to Switch in February.


Capcom has a multitude of classic games dating back to the 80s. Now the publisher wants to give Nintendo Switch owners a chance to experience them all. During The Game Awards on Thursday night, Capcom unveiled the Capcom Arcade Stadium, a full collection of arcade games from the publisher's heyday.

How will this work, exactly? Capcom Arcade Stadium will feature 32 games, but the vast majority of them will need to be purchased. It will include 1943: The Battle of Midway and the original Ghost 'N Goblins as free downloads with other games available separately as part of DLC bundles. Each bundle will contain ten games, each thematically tied to a different era in Capcom's history. While the full list of games wasn't revealed, look for Bionic Commando, Strider, and Super Street Fighter II Turbo to be among the titles available.

Each game will have a variety of options, including game speed, difficulty, display settings, filters, and more. And like The Disney Afternoon Collection, each game will have a Rewind feature. How that Rewind feature will be tweaked for a competitive game like Street Fighter II remains to be seen. Up to four players can jump in locally (at least they can in the games that support four players), but not online.

Capcom Arcade Stadium will release on Nintendo Switch in February 2021. To learn more about this collection, you can jump over to Capcom-Unity.

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