Telltale Games confirms The Wolf Among Us 2 still happening

While many things such as release window of The Wolf Among Us 2 and other Telltale Games are nebulous, Telltale confirmed TWAU2 is still in the works.


Telltale Games has been fairly quiet in 2020. It’s truly been strange to figure out what the status of the group has been since it went through bankruptcy liquidation in 2018. Nonetheless, since then, we’ve seen Telltale still put together some scattered updates. By all accounts, The Wolf Among Us 2 is still an active Telltale Games project, and recently the studio shared a brief update to say that the game is still in the works.

Telltale Games addressed the status of The Wolf Among Us 2 and other Telltale Games projects via its Twitter on December 10, 2020. According to the update, there’s still no window of release for The Wolf Among Us 2. The reason given was that instead of developing the next chapters of the game as separately released episodic entries, Telltale is instead developing all episodes of the new season for launch at the same time, which might explain a little bit of what’s keeping The Wolf Among Us 2 out of sight for now.

The Telltale update goes on to speak a little bit to other projects at the studio. They essentially revealed that many of the projects that were under development at the studio, such as Batman and Game of Thrones, have “reverted back to the IP holders and their fate is currently not in [Telltale Games’] hands.” This can be seen in the likes of Skunkape Games (a breakoff studio from Telltale’s 2018 bankruptcy), who recently launched a remaster of Season 1 of the Sam and Max Telltale Series, renamed Sam and Max Save the World - a pretty good relaunch at that.

That is to say, it looks like we’ll still be waiting a while for news from what’s left of Telltale Games and The Wolf Among Us 2. Telltale still has done good things with the properties they owned, so we’ll look forward to hearing news from the studio in 2021.

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