Desperados 3 just got a light level editor in its latest free update

Level editing cheats will allow players to plop enemies, allies, props, and more into the game's levels and craft their own missions in Desperados 3's new, free update.


Desperados 3 is a masterpiece of hardcore strategy design. Everything in the game’s massive menagerie of environments is well-crafted to provide interesting interactions and opportunities for your small squad of five outlaws to survive armies of gun-toting goons. But have you ever found yourself thinking you could do it better? That you’d arrange a mission a different way? Well now you can. Desperados 3 just got a free update with some light level editing tools.

Mimimi Games dropped its latest free update with a blog post on its website and a new trailer on the THQ Nordic YouTube channel on December 9, 2020. The major additions of the new update were a new Bounty Mode and access to developer cheats that allow for some light level editing. With the latter, players can add or remove props, enemies, allies, NPCs, and more to rearrange an entire mission. Want less goons blocking your way to your goal? You can do that. Want an exponential addition of dynamite barrels? You can do that too. A gatling gun on every corner? Sure, go wild. You can even share your adjustments with other Desperados 3 players.

Bounty Mode is a little bit simpler in its offering. It allows you take any mission in Desperados 3 and adjust which characters you can play in it, whether you play as all five, a specific one, or any mix of any characters in between. How would Isabelle handle the wedding level? What if you could bring Cooper to Doc and Hector’s badguy killing competition during the nighttime ranch raid for a little extra fun? It’s your call to make.

Desperados 3 was already a phenomenal strategy game if you ask our Shacknews review, but both of these level-editing elements should make for some fantastic replayability and new challenges that the community can enjoy thanks to sharing features. Want more Desperados 3? Be sure to check out our interview with the devs about the design decisions of the game and what comes next.

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