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5 features of the Prestigious Bounty Hunters License in Red Dead Online

We explore some of the new features players can expect to see in the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License in Red Dead Online.


Red Dead Online received one of its biggest updates yet—at least when it comes to importance—with the release of Red Dead Online standalone. This release also came with a new Outlaw Pass, as well as an updated Bounty Hunter role, which includes a new Prestigious Bounty Hunter License with even more goodies for fans to dig into. To celebrate the new license, we wanted to take a look at some of our favorite features in the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License.

New Legendary Bounties

The crème de la crème of bounty hunting, Legendary Bounties are high tier bounties that include a bit of narrative as well as some unique characters. The arrival of the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License has sparked access to even more of these iconic bounties, with two new ones currently available at the time of this writing. The new Legendary Bounties currently available with the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License at the time of publishing include Carmela "La Muñeca" Montez, the latest head of the Del Lobos gang. Bounty hunters can also track down and bring in slick-dressing Gene “Beau” Finley, with even more Legendary Bounties planned to arrive in the coming weeks.

New Gunspinning tricks

No gunslinger would be complete without the ability to do some sweet tricks with their guns. While we’ve already had a ton of these Gunspinning Tricks available, the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License brings a couple more to the party, some that you aren’t going to want to miss out on. The latest two Gunspinning tricks to hit the market include the Shoulder Toss and a Figure Eight Toss, both of which look extremely slick as you make your way through the frontier.

New Levels of Player Bounties

Another new addition is a change to how player bounties work. With the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License, players can finally go after lower-level bounties that have been put out on players. We don’t know the specifics of this, as Rockstar doesn’t divulge it, but it should allow for more player-on-player bounty hunting to occur. Much like side missions and the like, and even free roam events, player bounties pop up sometimes in the upper corner of the game, giving you the option to track down those players who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Bounty Wagon Liveries

Sometimes, being a gunslinger is all about style and the new Bounty Wagon liveries introduced in the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License are set to give every bounty hunter just that. With a range of different paint jobs available, the liveries can be added to help spice up the look of your Bounty Wagon and make you stand out above the rest of the hunters out there. It’s a very small feature, but one that the style-heavy players in Red Dead Online are going to love having the opportunity to mess around with.

Infamous Bounties

The real bread and butter of the update, though, is the Infamous Bounties. These 13 multi-part bounties bring a huge jump to the game’s narrative, offering unique cutscenes and several different targets for players to track down. Available from any of the bounty boards located around the map, these board-exclusive bounties will have bounty hunters who enjoyed the narrative-driven bounties from the singleplayer campaign foaming at the mouth for more of that sweet, sweet Rockstar storytelling.

Over-arching narratives accompany each new bounty, along with some unique dialogue and other goodies. They might not pay out as much as the Legendary Bounties—there is a bonus for completing the entire arc of a bounty the first time you do it—but it’s still a great reminder of just how good that Rockstar storytelling can be in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. If you love bounty hunting, but have been looking for the next level of bounties to track down, then Infamous Bounties has exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Of course, there’s still plenty of other things to enjoy about the Prestigious Bounty Hunting License. The inclusion of 10 new levels in the role means plenty to unlock along the way, and those looking to perfect their bounty hunting skills will need to pick it up. The price is a little steep for what’s available, but hopefully this is a good indicator of the kind of new features and expansions on roles we can expect to see from Rockstar in the future.

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