The Long Dark Hesitant Prospect update adds Ash Canyon region & new gear

There's an all-new update available for The Long Dark featuring the previously teased Ash Canyon region, new gear, Escape the Darkwalker mode tweaks, and more.


Deep into the winter season, The Long Dark has returned with one of its final major updates of the year. Hinterland Studio has been putting out some fantastic content and teasing even more. Now, the Hesitant Prospect update arrives to deliver a hefty Survival Mode update with a new region to explore, new gear to utilize, and plenty more goods.

The Long Dark Hesitant Prospect update was launched on December 7, 2020, alongside a update log on the game's website and a new video detailing the fresh content and changes. The biggest addition in the Hesitant Prospect update was the entirely new region, Ash Canyon. Previously teased back in October, Ash Canyon is a treacherous area full of burned-out forest and jagged rocky outcrops. If you can navigate the tough terrain, you just might find your way to a hidden mine hiding rewards that should make it worth any survivor’s time. Ash Canyon awaits fearless explorers on the other side of Timberwolf Mountain as of the new update.

Ash Canyon isn’t the only major addition that awaits in The Long Dark’s Hesitant Prospect update. There’s a number of other discoverable goodies as well, including all-new gear in the form of the crampons and technical pack. Crampons are special footwear made to help explorers across ice and tumultuous terrain. They help prevent sprains and will keep the wearer safer when traversing weak ice sufaces. Meanwhile, the technical pack is an all-around buff to any survivor, offering space to carry more equipment. Once discovered and equipped, it adds a permanent capacity buff to your inventory. More capacity means being able to carry more crucial items at all times.

The Hesitant Prospect update also carries brings tweaks to the spooky-themed Darkwalker mode, new feats for doing well in it, new custom options for taking on an eternal night, and quality-of-life improvements. Be sure to check out the entire update and see all it has to offer on the Hesitant Prospect update blog on The Long Dark's website.

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