Doom Eternal's Nintendo Switch release date is closer than you think

It looks like id Software's Doom 2016 follow-up is arriving on the Nintendo Switch next week, this December 2020.


Whether Doom Eternal captures the same lightning in a bottle that Doom 2016 brought to the table is highly debateable, but one thing that absolutely cannot be overlooked is the fact that the ambitious follow-up has been slated for the Nintendo Switch for quite some time. We had no idea when Switch would see Doomguy continue his conquest against Hell, but Nintendo and id Software have come out and finally dropped a release date for it. Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch is coming early this December 2020.

The release date for Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch was revealed via the Nintendo of America Twitter on November 30, 2020. Doom Eternal is now slated for a December 8, 2020 release date on the platform. It’s a little bit of a surprise considering that’s just a week away, but Doom Eternal also released back in March of this year, so it’s definitely had some time to stew. It’s a shorter timeline than Doom 2016 saw with a release on most platforms in May 2016 and a Switch release in November 2017.

It’s worth noting that Panic Button is apparently overseeing this port of Doom Eternal, just as it did with Doom 2016 on the Switch (and arguably to some impressive success). With that in mind, it seems we can expect it’s in good hands with a team that seems to know what they’re doing when it comes to putting modern Doom on a more limited platform. Doom Eternal didn’t quite strike us the way Doom 2016 did, but it was still a more than admirable follow-up to what was such an explosive return of the classic first-person shooter. Being able to take Doom Eternal on the go like we could in 2017 with the previous game certainly has some appeal.

As we close in on the December 8 launch date of Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch, be sure to read our review of the game on other platforms and check out our thoughts on Doomguy’s continued journey to rip and tear until it is done.

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