Where to buy Xbox Series X/S - stores to check for Xbox Series X/S stock

Learn where you should be looking if you're hoping to find stores with stock of Xbox Series X or Series S when supply picks up.


The Xbox Series X and Series S is Microsoft’s latest console and would-be players are currently struggling to find it in stock. Limitations on supply are certainly a frustrating problem, especially leading into the holiday season where sales, discounts and other promotions make getting a new console rather exciting. If you’re having trouble locating a unit, here are some helpful tips of where you might find an Xbox Series X/S in stock.

Xbox Series X and Series S – stores to check

where to buy xbox series x and series s store stock check

The launch of the Xbox Series X and Series S broke Microsoft’s 24-hour sales record. This level of early adopters has resulted in a console shortage that is expected to last until April 2021. For anyone that missed out on a preorder and is still holding out on finding stock somewhere, here are the stores you should be checking over the coming months.

Because there is limited supply that will affect availability well into 2021, there’s a good chance would-be buyers won’t see any units available for order. While you should keep an eye on online sites, as this is likely where supplies will hit first, it could also be worth reaching out to physical stores and seeing if anyone failed to pick up an order. You never know, you might find that people decided not to grab a new console.

Xbox Series X and Series S All Access

xbox series x and s stock check

While some users may want to purchase an Xbox Series X or Series S outright, there is the other route of All Access. For a monthly fee that lasts for 24 months, users receive a new Xbox as well as 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

This is actually exceptional value-for-money and that’s before you consider the value of Game Pass, Microsoft’s Netflix-like game delivery service. Check out Josh Hawkin’s excellent Xbox All Access explainer for a full breakdown.

Another tip for locating stock is to subscribe to a shop’s email service. Retail stores often send out updates for when new stock is secured, and if you’re quick, you could wind up with a new console. You might also consider following some Twitter accounts known for tweeting out deals and supply. One such individual is Wario64 who tweets out new discounts almost hourly. If new stock crops up somewhere, there’s a very good chance Wario64 will know about it.

Microsoft is still working on getting more units created and shipped out. With the pandemic creating distribution problems, buyers may be looking at a long wait until they can get a new Xbox into their home. Keep checking the above stores for stock on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, as you never know what you may happen upon. For those still picking which console to buy (or perhaps those that want both), you can also check out our guide on where to buy a PS5 and what stores to check.

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