Where to buy PS5 - stores to check for PS5 stock

Looking to grab a PS5 before the holidays? Here are some of the best stores to check for PS5 stock.


The PlayStation 5 has been selling out like hotcakes during the morning breakfast rush. Everyone is looking for info on where to buy the PS5 right now, and which stores have PS5 stock available at the moment. To help make the process a little easier, we’ve broken down some of the best stores to keep an eye on below, and we’ll be sure to update with info whenever we know stock is going to be available.

Where to buy the PS5 - stores to check for PS5 stock

Where to buy PS5 - stores to check for PS5 stock

With the PS5 mostly being available online, you’ll be able to check stock in a matter of moments, versus having to call up your local store or even go into locations. While most of the retailers release stock randomly, others have set times that they plan to bring more consoles out for purchase, and we’ll break all that info down for you right here.

Some places to keep an eye on coming up include Walmart and GameStop. Walmart is set to restock with more PS5 consoles on November 25, starting at 9 p.m. ET for Black Friday, which means gamers will have another chance to grab a PS5 on Wednesday.

GameStop is also offering some new PS5 stock on Black Friday, too, though those deals will be in-store only. You can expect those to be available in limited amounts at your local GameStop on Friday, November 27, 2020, whenever your nearby GameStop opens.

If you’re unable to grab a PS5 from Walmart or GameStop during the Black Friday deals, though, you can check out the following retailers for a chance at grabbing a PS5 during random restockings.

There will no doubt be other retailers with Black Friday stock coming up, too, so keep an eye out on the ones we’ve listed above. We also recommend turning on auto notify for the shops that offer it – like Walmart and Newegg. That can be a good way to get stock updates through your email. You can also follow some handy Twitter accounts like @Wario64, who tweets about PS5 stock updates as well as other gaming deals (if you follow Wario, expect a lot of deal tweets on your timeline as Wario has become a well known hub of information for gamers throughout the past few years).

Sony is working very hard to push out more PS5s for the holidays, so keep trying and be sure to check back here often for new stock updates and information.

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