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How to open the mysterious door - Demon's Souls

Unlock the mysterious door in Boletaria Palace and claim a special reward in Demon's Souls.


The release of the Demon’s Souls remake on PlayStation 5 offers players a familiar, yet different, world to explore. One key difference is a new mysterious door in Boletaria Palace. After a lot of community effort, we now have a clear understanding of how to open the mysterious door in Demon’s Souls and claim the reward it hides!

How to open the mysterious door

For those that are maybe still getting up to speed, there is a new mysterious door in Boletaria Palace in Demon’s Souls. This door is found in the third area of the first Archstone (1-3). To reach it, you will need to work your way through some back alleyways to an illusionary wall. Smack the wall to reveal a locked door. Here are the quick steps of how to open it:

  1. Collect 30 Ceramic Coins
  2. Trade the coins at Sparkly the Crow in Shrine of Storms for the Rusted Key
  3. Take the Rusted Key to the mysterious door and open it
  4. Collect your reward!
demon's souls mysterious door
The mysterious door in Demon's Souls is before the fight with the Penetrator.

Now, let's break all of that down. Firstly, you will need to collect 30 Ceramic Coins. These are found strewn around Boletaria and are another new addition to Demon’s Souls. When you have 30 Ceramic Coins, you can move on to the next step. It’s worth noting that the Demon’s Souls wiki claims you need only 26.

Take these 30 Ceramic Coins and donate them to Sparkly the Crow. This merchant NPC is located in the Shrine of Storms at the highest point. Look for the tree with the big nest. Once there, you will need to trade the coins to Sparkly by dropping them on the ground near the tree. If the crow sounds happy, you’ve got enough. You will receive the Rusted Key for your effort. If Sparkly doesn’t drop it right away, you may need to reload the area.

Take the Rusted Key back to the mysterious door and you’ll find that it can now be unlocked. Go through the door and to the right to find your reward. For your trouble you’ll receive the Penetrator armor set, a new set designed for the remake.

Now that the mysterious door in Boletaria Palace is unlocked, you can get back to fighting through the other accursed lands. Remember to snatch the Sodden Ring to make your journey through Demon’s Souls a bit easier.

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