Wireless Cybershoes for Oculus Quest 2 revealed with Kickstarter

Following up on its success in 2018 with wired VR PCs, Cybershoes is returning with a wireless version for Oculus Quest 2 and a Kickstarter for it is available now.


Back in 2018, Cybershoes - a walking accessory for VR gaming - was introduced and successfully kickstarted to the tune of over 214,000 Euros for over 1,000 backers. Following on that success, including an award for innovation at CES 2020, the group behind Cybershoes is preparing to launch a wireless version that will operate with the potent freedom of the Oculus Quest 2. Cybershoes for Oculus Quest have been announced and a Kickstarter has opened.

Cybershoes for Oculus Quest were announced with a press release and Kickstarter on November 19, 2020. Moving off of the momentum of the 2018 model, the new wireless version of Cybershoes is built specifically to pair with the Oculus Quest and Quest 2, giving full movement control of various games to the player’s feet and freeing controls for other actions in the game. Games like Arizona Sunshine, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, and Face Your Fears 2 are already showcased to be compatible with the device, which pairs through Bluetooth and a special receiver to the Oculus Quest 2 headset.

The original Cybershoes were innovative indeed for supplying a safe, yet effective bit of extra control to player movement in VR, but the whole thing was still hinged to a fully wired setup necessitated by the wires of a typical VR setup. One of the Oculus Quest 2’s greatest features is freedom from restraint without the cost of too much power, so the wireless version of Cybershoes preserving that freedom makes all types of sense.

In the Kickstarter, the developers are looking for around $30,000 to successfully Kickstart the wireless Cybershoes product. The backing tiers include everything from general support to just getting the new Oculus Quest wireless receiver if you already have the original Cybershoes to a full new wireless setup. There’s also a special bundle that comes with Arizona Sunshine. If successful, the wireless Cybershoes for Oculus Quest bundle featuring the shoe accessories, special receiver, stool, and carpet will retail for $399, where you can currently back it and the same bundle as a reward tier for a discounted price of $279.

The Kickstarter already gathered backing of nearly $16,000 at the time of this writing with a deadline goal of December 31, 2020, so stay tuned for more details and coverage on Cybershoes on Oculus Quest and keep an eye on the Kickstarter if you like the idea of relegating movement in VR to your actual legs.

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