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'No news' on new Killer Instinct according to Iron Galaxy co-CEOs

With news of Iron Galaxy working on a brand new IP comes the inevitable question of their status on the Killer Instinct franchise.


It's been a big day for Iron Galaxy, as the studio moves forward to new endeavors. They've brought aboard David 'DeeJ' Dague to help with a new IP, which the studio has yet to formally reveal. However, with a new project in development, what does this mean for one of Iron Galaxy's most beloved efforts? Does a new IP mean the studio's time on Killer Instinct is officially at an end? According to the studio's co-CEOs, that's not official, but there's also no news on whether they'll continue with the franchise, either.

"Like anything else, I think in our journey, we work with so many different partners around the industry," co-CEO Adam Boyes told Shacknews. "At any one time we're working on 12 different projects and we have many conversations always happening at one time. Unfortunately, no news on the Killer Instinct front. But it's definitely one of those things that... we're here!"

"Near and dear to our heart, we've loved working on Killer Instinct," new co-CEO Chelsea Blasko added. "We had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and really had a lot of fun on that title."

There's been a movement over the last year lobbying for Microsoft to continue their work on Killer Instinct, either through a new game or through continued support of the Xbox One reboot. Prominent content creator and long-time KI caster Maximilian 'Maximilian Dood' Christiansen has been one of the faces of this effort, touting the merits of the franchise and, specifically, Iron Galaxy's efforts in making it one of the standout fighting games of the last generation. The movement's efforts have partially paid off after Brandon 'Odin' Alexander announced that he would revive the Killer Instinct World Cup.

Boyes and Blasko's answers indicate that there is no new Killer Instinct in the works. However, their response also indicates that the franchise isn't necessarily dead. Iron Galaxy stands at the ready and seems willing to continue on with the franchise, but the onus appears to be on Microsoft. Will the Xbox team opt to move forward on a potential Xbox Series X sequel? The answer will only come in time.

You can check out our full interview with the team at Iron Galaxy, including newcomers DeeJ, above. For more interviews like this, be sure to check out Shacknews and GamerHub.TV on YouTube. And don't forget to subscribe to Mercury for the optimal Shacknews experience.

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