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How to automatically invert camera controls in PS5 settings

The PS5 allows you to automatically invert camera controls in the console settings. Here's how to set it up.


Back in the day, when the Xbox 360 was around, you could set the console to automatically turn on inverted camera controls. Now, the PlayStation 5 has taken up that mantle, and this guide will teach you everything you need to know to enable automatic inverted camera controls on the PS5.

How to automatically invert camera controls in PS5 settings

Inverted camera controls are a great feature for many games, and many gamers out there—like our own Samuel Chandler—feel that it’s the superior way to play any game. Thankfully, those who agree with Sam will find that setting up inverted camera controls on the PS5 is really simple. Let’s walk through the process.

To turn on automatic inverted camera controls, head to the PlayStation 5’s settings menu. You can easily move to Utilities (the new name for settings) by pressing Triangle on your controller from anywhere on the dashboard. You can also navigate to it manually from the dashboard, too.

Once in Utilities, look out for the Saved Data and Game / App Settings option. Navigate down to this and select it to open up another window.

how to automatically invert camera controls in PS5 settings
Navigate to the Game Settings area to enable inverted camera controls.

Here you’ll be able to choose from a number of options, including Game Presets. This is where you’ll find the inverted camera controls feature. Move down to Game Presets and then you should see a number of items to the right in a list.

Enable inverted camera controls - ps5
You can set inverted camera controls for both first-person and third-person view games.

To set up automatic inverted camera controls, navigate to the First-Person View or Third-Person View options and click on them. This will open up a new selection of settings for the camera movement controls when playing games that utilize those particular perspectives. To enable inverted controls, go ahead and select Inverted in that first option area. Keep in mind that not every game will work with this, including the highly-anticipated Demon's Souls. 

Now that you’ve enabled automatic inverted camera controls, the PS5 will detect what kind of game you’re playing and automatically select the chosen camera controls if that game supports it. For more on the console, be sure to check out our PlayStation 5 review.

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