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Unboxing & Review: The Pokemon Trading Card Game's Champion's Path Boosters and more

The Pokemon Trading Card Game recently launched its Champion's Path expansion and Video Editor Greg Burke is checking out some of its contents by opening a new Booster Pack.


The Pokemon Trading Card Game has had a big couple of months, having recently released its latest expansion. We're always up for checking out some new cards, so Shacknews recently took a look at a highly-sought-after package. We're taking a look at the Pokemon Trading Card Game's Champion's Path Boosters.

Video Editor Greg Burke opened up his new Booster Pack containing cards from the recent Champion's Path expansion. This is the expansion that ventures into the Galar region, which was first introduced in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Many of the featured Pokemon in this expansion belong to Galar's various Gym Leaders. And sure enough, Greg found more than a couple of shiny foil cards featuring different Pokemon from the powerful Gym Leaders. Those Pokemon, like Nessa's Dreadnaw and Milo's Eldegoss (excuse Greg's pronunciation, of course), are included as standalone cards and sit next to three unopened Booster Packs.

These packs also contain some neat-looking metal Gym Badge pins to make Pokemon TCG players feel more like those Galar Gym Leaders. If you're not much of a physical card game player, no worries there. All of these packs feature digital codes that allow users to take their new Pokemon into Pokemon TCG Online, the online version of the game. Remember that Pokemon TCG Online is available on mobile devices for free on the App Store and Google Play stores.

Greg offers a full breakdown of the various cards featured in these packs, along with the other physical goodies that they come with. The Pokemon Trading Card Game's Champion's Path expansion is available right now at a retailer near you. For more videos like this, be sure to subscribe to Shacknews and GamerHub.TV on YouTube. And if you're new to Shacknews or haven't been around in a while, stop by and check out our new Cortex page.

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