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The Intruder quest guide - Bugsnax

Discover all the clues for the Intruder quest in Bugsnax.


The Intruder is another quest in Bugsnax that has players doing a bit of detective work. Much like a couple of the other quests in Bugsnax, it can be easy to overlook a rather simple component which results in you running around a bit lost. Fear not, we’ve got a quick and easy guide for you to follow that will have you finding all the clues for the Intruder in no time.

The Intruder quest

Part way through Bugsnax, players will once again spend some time in Snaxburg with the other inhabitants. After a loud noise and a lot of commotion, a new quest will start called The Intruder. This quest tasks players with scanning the area for clues to work out what happened.

the intruder quest bugsnax

While the Intruder quest does tell you there are six clues, if you’ve missed one it can be quite perplexing as to where it could be. This is especially true if you’ve already noticed something from a distance and otherwise forgot about it. Here are the six items you must scan:

  1. Warning
  2. Spade
  3. Broken Lock
  4. Paw Prints
  5. More Paw Prints
  6. Bug Prints


bugsnax the intruder clue warning

The warning is carved into the back of the Snaxburg sign. This is first spotted when everyone is still talking in a group, before you’re let loose to find the clues.


bugsnax the intruder clue spade

Right beside Gramble’s barn is a spade. This spade was clearly used to gain access to the barn.

Broken Lock

bugsnax the intruder clue broken lock

The broken lock is right by Gramble’s farm. This lock is smashed and on the ground, clearly broken by the spade.

Paw Prints

bugsnax the intruder clue paw prints

Leading away from the barn are a set of paw prints. Follow these to find the rest of the clues.

More Paw Prints

bugsnax the intruder clue more paw prints

The next clue is called More Paw Prints and leads towards the outhouse. You’ll see Triffany with her back to you if you’ve made it far enough to get her back to Snaxburg. The paw prints are between the farm and Wambus’ house.

Bug Prints

bugsnax the intruder clue bug prints

The last clue is the Bug Prints that lead to the outhouse directly. These prints look to begin right where the More Paw Prints clue leaves off.

That’s all there is to completing the Intruder quest in Bugsnax. It’s certainly a bit frustrating when something so simple makes your scratch your head in confusion. Swing by the Shacknews Bugsnax page for even more useful tips and guides.

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