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Find the missing page - Bugsnax

Finding the missing page is a vital step in the Crack the Code quest and a task that can leave you scratching your head in Bugsnax.


There are a lot of quests in Bugsnax and one that has players finding a missing page is one of the more obtuse tasks. Given out by Eggabell, the Crack the Code quest has a few parts but the job of finding a missing page doesn’t really give players a starting point. In fact, there are a few items on this to-do list that might give you a moment’s pause. Let us help you track down all the items for Crack the Code.

Crack the Code quest – Find the missing page

When players first reach Frosted Peak, they’ll come across Eggabell who tells them to leave her alone. If you follow Eggaball, you’ll find her standing in front of an ancient door hidden below the mountain. It’s here you can interview her and gain the quest, Crack the Code.

crack the code bugsnax
The Crack the Code quest has a few steps, the most confusing of which is the second one: Find the missing page.

Crack the Code has four main steps:

  1. Find Lizbert’s journal
  2. Find the missing page
  3. Find Liz’s device notes
  4. Find notes on the mountain map

It’s at this point players should interview all possible Grumpuses in Snaxburg. When I completed this quest, I did not have Floofty of Shelda in town just yet:

  • Snorpy
  • Chandlo
  • Gromdo
  • Triffany
  • Wiggle
  • Gramble
  • Beffica
  • Wambus
  • Filbo

Interviewing all of these Grumpuses should provide you with all the clues and keys necessary to complete Eggabell’s quest, Crack the Code. A few of the interviewees will give you maps that lead you to some of these tasks while others will give you keys. These clues are essential in finding the missing page.

bugsnax find the missing page
The missing page is found in Boiling Bay, right at the tip of the area near Floofty.

Lizbert’s journal is in Triffany’s tent and is unlocked with the key given by Gramble. The missing page is found in the Boiling Bay right on the peninsula. Liz’s device notes are in Sugarpine Woods on the right-hand side of the area. If you’re struggling to find these, make sure you check your backpack for the photos and watch the video reels on Lizbert’s projector.

The Crack the Code quest has a few tricky parts that can leave you scratching your head on where to begin. Whether it’s finding the missing page, finding Lizbert’s journal, her device notes, or notes on the mountain map, Bugsnax does give you some clues to help you on your way. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Bugsnax page for assistance heaps of other stuff in the game!

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