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How to fix the bridge in Scorched Gorge - Bugsnax

Repair the bridge in Scorched Gorge so you can gain access to another area in Bugsnax, the hot and sunny Sizzlin' Sands.


While Bugsnax is quite open and lets you go just about everywhere, players are bound to come across a bridge in Scorched Gorge that needs to be repaired. For a lot of players, figuring out how to fix the bridge in order to gain access to the other area is going to weigh on their minds. Thankfully, much like accessing other key areas, the responsibility isn’t placed squarely on your shoulders.

How to fix the bridge in Scorched Gorge

The first time you make it to Scorched Gorge, you’ll likely encounter Cromdo who wants to sell you a bridge as well as the Lunchpad – one of the excellent tools in Bugsnax. If you try to cross the bridge, it will shatter and break, and even if you come back later, it will still be broken.

fix the bridge scorched gorge bugsnax
The bridge in Scorched Gorge is a bit rickety and will collapse when you first try to cross it. Thankfully, there's a way to repair the bridge.

Luckily, fixing the bridge in Scorched Gorge is not your problem. In fact, another Grumpus will help you with this massive task. That Grumpus? Why, it’s none other than the muscular Chandlo.

To have Chandlo fix the bridge, you first need to make it to Sugarpine Woods as part of the story. It’s here you’ll meet Chandlo and Snorky, an unlikely duo. Complete Chandlo and Snorky’s quests to get them to return to Snaxburg.

As part of the main story, you’ll speak with Filbo and then eventually be asked to go find Floofty and Shelda, as well as Eggabell. Returning to Scorched Gorge at this time will reveal that Chandlo has repaired the bridge! You can now use the bridge to head to Sizzlin’ Sands where the serene Shelda is found.

Most areas in Bugsnax are unlocked by simply following the main story. As you progress, the previously-locked doors and blocked paths will be open to you, allowing you to continue tracking down the Grumpuses and hopefully Lizbert. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Bugsnax page for more critter-catching guides and quest tips.

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