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Feed Beffica her favorite bugsnak - Bugsnax

Learn what Beffica's favorite bugsnak is in Bugsnax and where to find it.


Working out what Beffica’s favorite bugsnak is and feeding it to her can cause some players a moment’s pause. This sassy little Grumpus in Bugsnax isn’t forthcoming with her own information, but a bit of sleuthing can reveal which bugsnak you should feed Beffica.

Beffica’s favorite bugsnak

As part of the quest, Pop Quiz, Beffica will ask you to work out what her favorite bugsnak is and then feed it to her. If you were rather quick in the previous quest, and already caught some Bugsnax, you may find that you have part of the quest already completed but no idea which one is her favorite.

Beffica's favorite bugsnak Bugsnax
Go into the cave behind Beffica to see a painting on the wall. This is Beffica's favorite bugsnak.

To work out which one you should feed Beffica, go into the cave behind her. On her wall she has drawn a bugsnak surrounded in love hearts. If you take out your SnaxScope and take a photo, you will discover it is none other than a Weenyworm!

The next step will be to find a Weenyworm. These are found in the Garden Grove, up where Wambus’ makeshift farm was. You can run back along the wooden walkway and climb the mountain to reach his farm.

Go ahead and catch a Weenyworm – they’re pretty easy to catch as you only need to put down the Snak Trap and let it walk into the capture area. If it’s going all haywire, try backing off and letting it walk into the radius of the trap by itself.

After you catch the Weenyworm, return to Beffica. Speak with her and choose the option that lets her eat. From the feeding menu, choose the Weenyworm, and Beffica will happily chow down. With Beffica fed her favorite bugsnak, you will complete the quest Pop Quiz and be on your way to help the other Grumpuses in Bugsnax. You can find more quest tips over in the Shacknews Bugsnax page.

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