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Can you eat the bugsnax in Bugsnax?

Everyone else seems to be eating bugsnax and you want to know if you can eat some bugsnax for yourself. We have the answers.


One of the first things you learn in Bugsnax is that the bugsnax are edible. Everyone seems to be chowing down on these bug and food hybrids. There is just one question that is bound to cross your mind: can you eat a bugsnak and if so, what happens?

Can you eat bugsnax

eat bugsnax
At a certain moment in the main story, Filbo will offer you the chance to eat a bugsnak!

Unfortunately, the answer is no, you cannot eat bugsnax in Bugsnax. It would seem only the inhabitants of the area are able to consume the local fauna, which also happens to turn parts of their body into snacks – which itself is a bit of a mystery.

While you can’t eat bugsnax of your own accord, there is a moment in the story where you will get the chance to eat one. So perhaps the answer is “Well yes, but actually no.” Filbo (the mayor of Snaxburg) will offer you a bugsnak to eat – a Strabby. After graciously declining a few times and then accepting, you will finally get to eat a bugsnak. But this looks like a one-time deal.

What happens when you eat the bugsnak

what happens when you eat a bugsnax
You can't actually keep the bugsnak down after you try to eat it.

So, you’ve seen everyone slowly turn into food and now you want to know what happens when you, the journalist, eats your first bugsnak? As you eat the Strabby, the screen turns green and you black out. The next thing you know, you’re waking up in the latrine and Filbo is talking to you. As it turns out, you’re actually allergic to bugsnax – so no more eating them for you. The good news is that all your limbs are okay, none turned into strawberries.

Though you might get the opportunity to eat a bugsnak as part of the story, you don’t actually have any choice in the matter, it has no effect on your appearance, and you won’t get to do it again. So, technically it’s a yes – you can eat a bugsnak – but it’s also technically no – you cannot eat them whenever you want. Check out the Shacknews Bugsnax page for more answers to every bug and snack related question you can imagine.

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