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Grounded game director talks what went into creating the water-based koi pond update

Adam Brennecke also touched on Obsidian Entertainment's desire to create bigger content releases.


Grounded is Obsidian Entertainment’s latest success story. It seems so obvious: a survival game that’s basically Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. The simplicity of the concept is so easy to understand that players can’t help but be reeled in. Shacknews recently had the pleasure of speaking to Grounded game director Adam Brennecke about this captivating world the team has created, the challenges of bringing it to life, and what lies ahead. Please check out the interview below!

Adam Brennecke had quite a lot to share about the development of Grounded. One of the most important aspects relates to the cadence of content releases. Obsidian wants to continue releasing content every month, but the team also wants to work on bigger and grander things. To make this happen, the team is planning to slow things down a bit after the koi pond update. This easing will allow the team to focus on feedback, polish the experience, and iterate on mechanics.

Speaking of improvements, the team recognizes that there’s still room to improve the survival experience. For starters, they’re looking at the upgrade system that utilizes Raw Science. This is the backbone of how players unlock new recipes in the game and a critical system.

On the topic of the koi pond, underwater levels are always so tough to get right in video games. We all have nightmares of the Water Temple from Ocarina of Time. To ensure the water experience in Grounded was as good as possible, Brennecke said that the whole team of fourteen people have been focused on the koi pond update, going so far as to jump in for big sessions to test it out.

There’s a whole lot more goodness to uncover in the above interview. While you’re listening, remember to check out the Shacknews Grounded page. It’s this page where you’ll find a ton of resources to make surviving in a backyard as a teeny, tiny human a bit easier. Grounded is currently in early access on Steam and Game Preview on Xbox. Remember to subscribe to the GamerHubTV and Shacknews YouTube channels for more developer interviews!

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