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Little Hope voice actors and cast

Discover the voice actors and cast behind the characters of Little Hope, the second game in Supermassive Games' The Dark Pictures Anthology.


Little Hope is larger in scope than its predecessor, which means a larger cast of voice actors is required to bring the characters to life. As you play, you may recognize a voice or two but not be able to place them. This voice actor and cast list for Little Hope should help jog your memory and even help you keep track of some of the more puzzling aspects of the game.

Voice actors and cast in Little Hope

Below you’ll find a collection of the voice actors and cast as well as the characters they portray in Little Hope. Where possible, the character and actor’s image will be used to help you put a face to the name.

The Curator – Pip Torrens

Pip Torrens once again reprises his role as the Curator in Little Hope. Torrens has quite the laundry list of credits on his IMDB page though this is only his second role as a voice actor for a game, the other being the Dark Pictures Anthology prequel, Man of Medan. Players may recognize Torrens’ voice as that of Herr Starr from Preacher, Tommy Lascelles from The Crown, or Colonel Kaplan from Star Wars: Episode 7 – The Force Awakens,

Anthony/Andrew/Abraham – Will Poulter

Will Poulter has a long list of credits on IMDB, but most horror fans will recognize him from the recent film Midsommar where he portrayed Mark. Poulter has also been in Black Mirror, The Revenant, We’re the Millers, The Maze Runner and more. In Little Hope, Will is the voice and face behind Anthony, Andrew, as well as Abraham.

James/John – Alex Ivanovici

Alex Ivanovici is the voice behind James and John. Ivanovici has appeared in a few video games including The Outer Worlds, several Assassin’s Creed titles, For honor, Rainbow Six: Siege, Outlast, and a couple Splinter Cell games.

Dennis/Daniel – Kyle Bailey

Kyle Bailey is a fairly new actor that brings to life the characters Dennis and Daniel. This is Bailey’s first video game performance, with his previous credits on IMDB including short films and TV series.

Tanya/Taylor – Caitlyn Sponheimer

Caitlyn Sponheimer is the voice behind Tanya and Taylor in Little Hope. Sponheimer’s IMDB page credits her in quite a few short films as well as an episode of The Boys. Little Hope is Sponheimer’s first video game performance.

Anne/Angela – Ellen David

Ellen David is the voice of Anne and Angela. David’s IMDB page credits her for quite a few video game roles, including several Assassin’s Creed titles. Some of the younger players may recall Ellen David as the voice behind Bitzi Baxter, the mother of Buster Baxter from the animated TV series Arthur.

Vince – Kevin Hanchard

Kevin Hanchard is the voice behind the mysterious Vince. Hanchard has one other video game credits on his IMDB page, Watch Dogs 2. Hanchard also has quite a long list of TV series appearances, including Inspector Sematimba from The Expanse and Colonel Mariga from Suits.

Joseph – Martin Walsh

The character of Joseph from Little Hope is voiced by Martin Walsh. This is Walsh’s first video game credit according to IMDB.

David – Scott Haining

Scott Haining is the voice of the character David. Much like a lot of other actors in Little Hope, this is the first time Haining has voiced a character in a video game.

Amy – Louise Atkins

The character of Amy is voiced by Louise Atkins, an actor known for her work on The Bill as Jane Douglas, Helen from the TV series Gold, and Claire Manton/Megan Kinsey from Coronation Street.

Wyman – Adam Jowett

Adam Jowett is the voice behind the character Wyman in Little Hope. Jowett’s IMDB page has the actor listed as appearing in the likes of Coronation Street as Hugo Crowhurst, Hollyoaks as D.S. Richards/D.C. Richards, and a few other appearances in short films.

Isaac – Freddie Bolt

Freddie Bolt is the voice of Isaac in Little Hope, the sheriff of the small town. This is Bolt’s first time being a voice actor for a video game. According to their IMDB page, Bolt has acted in a TV series as well as a short film.

There are also a few other characters from the Little Hope who do not appear to have any online presence. The following are the character's names, their voices actors, and an image of the character.

Megan – Ella Rose Coderre

Mary – Holly Smith

Tabitha – Rebecca Brierley

Carver – David Smith

Additional Voices

  • Kurt Erickson
  • George Weightman

Motion Capture performers

  • Cheryl Burniston
  • Michael Jinks
  • Kerry Norton
  • Jack Archer
  • Ian Staples
  • Eva Young
  • Glen Wilson
  • Ronan Summers

It takes a lot of voice actors and cast to bring a game like Little Hope to life. Outside of the main cast, there are also additional characters that are brought to life by a host of talented individuals as well as motion capture performers. Check out the Shacknews Little Hope page for more news on the latest Dark Pictures Anthology title.

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