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Voice actors and cast list - Watch Dogs: Legion

Find out who voices your favorite characters in Watch Dogs: Legion.


Watch Dogs: Legion is finally here, and players can jump into the futuristic city of London to take down Albion on PC and current-gen consoles. As you prepare to embark, though, please take a moment and go over the exemplary group of voice actors and cast the team put together to help bring tyranny-ruled London to life.

Voice actors and cast list – Watch Dogs: Legion

Despite the fact that you can recruit a multitude of characters in Watch Dogs: Legion, a lot of the characters aren’t actually voiced by individual people. Instead, the studio relied on heavy voice modulation to take the same set of lines and play them through different voices. As such, the list of cast members with named characters here is pretty short.

Dalton Wolfe – Warren Brown

voice actors and cast list - Watch Dogs: Legion - Dalton Wolfe

With appearances in shows like Luther, Warren Brown might seem familiar to some out there. He also has credits for appearances in other features, like This is the Winter, Blood, Sweat and Terrors, and Genesis. You can check out the rest of his credits on his IDMB page if you’re looking to learn more about this actor.

Aiden Pearce – Noam Jenkins

voice actors and cast list - Watch Dogs: Legion - Aiden Pearce

Reprising his role as Watch Dogs’ mysterious protagonist, Noam Jenkins is known for his appearances in movies like Saw 2, Saw 4, and even some smaller TV shows. You can check out his full list of credits over on IMDB.

Bagley – Pascal Langdale

voice actors and cast list - Watch Dogs: Legion - Bagley

Fans of science fiction show Killjoys will recognize this next name. Pascal Langdale, known for playing Jelco in Killjoys, who has also appeared as other characters throughout a slew of other projects, Langdale voices the player’s computer companion. As the glue that holds Dedsec together, Bagley is one of the best parts of Watch Dogs: Legion and Langdale does a great job of bringing the AI to life. For a full list of Langdale’s credits head over to IMDB.

Sabine Brandt – Olivia Morgan

voice actors and cast list - Watch Dogs: Legion - Sabine

The leader of Dedsec in London, Sabine is brought to life by Olivia Morgan, who has voiced characters in previous Ubisoft games like Mary Read in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Morgan has a history of other credits, including 2015’s Dartmoor Killing and 2018’s Calibre. Head over to Morgan’s IMDB page for a fresh list of acting credits.

The Wrench – Shawn Baichoo

voice actors and cast list - Watch Dogs: Legion - The Wrench

Watch Dogs fans will recognize this next one. Shawn Baichoo will be reprising his role as The Wrench from Watch Dogs 2. Gamers might also recognize Baichoo as the voice of Miles Upshur from 2013’s Outlast. Baichoo has also received credits in past Ubisoft games, like Far Cry 4, the original Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed 3, and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Make sure you check out more of Baichoo’s acting credits over on IMDB.

Stormzy – Stormzy

voice actors and cast list - Watch Dogs: Legion - Stormzy

This name really needs no introduction. Ubisoft originally teased the British rapper’s involvement in Watch Dogs: Legion earlier this year, as well as the inclusion of a special song that Stormzy performed just for the game. He doesn’t play a big part in the overall narrative, but it is still nice to see his name in the credits, nonetheless. Check out the music video that Stormzy made in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Here are some other voice actors you can expect to see playing notable characters in Watch Dogs: Legion:

As you can see, the known voice acting cast for Watch Dogs: Legion is pretty small. We’ll be updating it with any other names that stand out, though. As always, the game is more than just its voice actors, and everyone behind the scenes helps bring the story to life in different ways – from sound design to level design and even to capturing mocap for facial animations and the like.

Be sure to check out our Watch Dogs: Legion guide for more.

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