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Unboxing & review: Pokemon Center x Bear Walker Skateboard

We take a look at an extremely limited edition Pokemon Center x Bear Walker skateboard. Check it out!


Pokemon and skateboarding are two hobbies that might not seem obvious they go together. But for those that dig cruising and catching, Bear Walker has the ultimate skateboard for you. A collaboration between The Pokemon Company and Bear has resulted in a truly incredible skateboard. Come and join me as we unbox and check out the Pokemon Center x Bear Walker skateboard!

Pokemon Center x Bear Walker Skateboard

There’s something fantastic about getting your hands on a product that has been handcrafted. The Pokemone Center x Bear Walker skateboard is no exception. A careful attention to detail has clearly been taken here, with every part of the skateboard coming together to create a beautiful tribute to Pokemon. It’s like a piece of art.

The skateboard that is seen here features none other than Togepi. A little note inside the box introduces you to the Pokemon and also offers a little description of the skateboard, “Each board is handcrafted with premium materials and individually painted so that each one is unique and one of a kind.”

Speaking to that comment of being unique and one of a kind, only a thousand or so of these boards were created. To say these are a collector’s item would be underselling the value here. It’s kind of so beautiful that I’m not sure someone would want to ride it out on the street. You definitely wouldn’t want to be trying any tricks on it.

In terms of the actual design, everything is done by hand save for the etching, which uses a CNC router. The painting and highlights, the sanding, all of it Bear does with his own two mitts. You can really see the love of the craft.

If you’re interested in more of Bear’s work, you can check out his other skateboards at the Bear Walker site. For those that do manage to get one of these incredible skateboards, it might be the perfect tool to help you with Pokemon Go! For more unboxing videos of the latest gaming-related products, make sure you swing by the Shacknews YouTube channel.

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