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Bungie ViDoc 'Forged in the Storm' illuminates Beyond Light details

From snippets of Xivu Arath to the resurrection of Prince Uldren as the Crow, the 'Forged in the Storm' ViDoc gives Destiny 2 players a wealth of new information.


Far out, Bungie sure does know how to put together a documentary. The developer behind Destiny 2 has released another ViDoc, this time giving players an insight into what awaits them in Beyond Light and the coming year.

Entitled, Forged in the Storm, this ViDoc (Bungie’s shorthand for video documentary), gives players a brief rundown of what the team has been up to, a refresher on the new Stasis element, some reveals of what’s going to happen with the story, and a look at what’s to come.

Beyond Light looks to majorly shake up Destiny 2 in a way players haven’t seen since The Taken King hit the original way back in 2015. One of the biggest additions coming to the game is the new Stasis elemental type. While we’ve known about this for a while now thanks to overviews of the Revenant, Behemoth, and Shadebinder subclasses, the Forged in the Storm ViDoc gives a quick recap.

Outside the obvious beats of the ViDoc, there were also some little surprises that are bound to make long-time Destiny players extremely happy. Firstly, it would appear that our Guardians once more have a voice! Too long have we remained silent, letting Ghost speak for us. As more craziness unfolds in the galaxy, it’ll be good to actually hear what the Guardian thinks. Hopefully Bungie has worked out a good way to ensure this continues.

Players will finally get to hear and see more of the Crow, the man who once was Prince Uldren.

The other huge reveal is that Prince Uldren will be heavily featured in Season of the Hunt, Destiny 2’s next season that’s launching alongside Beyond Light. As with all Guardians, Uldren does not remember his past and now simply refers to himself as the Crow. It looks like players will be teaming up with him to assist Osiris, who has uncovered a plot by Xivu Arath, Oryx’s other sister – the other being Savathun (who was also brought up).

Now that we know the Crow will be a pivotal character in Beyond Light, there’s a good chance he’ll be sticking around for a while. I recently wrote about how Uldren might be the Cosmodrome vendor in Beyond Light, so this could actually become a reality.

Speaking of Savathun, the video also highlighted how she has been “setting up dominos” over the past year or more, and soon we’ll see her big plan come to fruition. It sounds like next year’s major expansion, The Witch Queen, will feature another drastic tipping of the scales.

I took a shot at stitching together some screen from the video to give a better look at the Cosmodrome map we'll see in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

There are still other bits and pieces in the Forged in the Storm ViDoc, enough to warrant another complete viewing. For example, players get to see part of the Cosmodrome map, Zavala is seen talking with Osiris and some Cabal units, the weather of Europa gets another mention, and Bungie gives players a look at what goes into creating the unique sounds of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is releasing next month on November 10. There’s not much time between now and then, so make sure you check out our guide that covers everything leaving Destiny 2 with Beyond Light so you don’t miss out on unlocking a sweet Exotic. You can also view the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for even more great content.

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