Evening Reading - October 26, 2020

It's night time in America, which means it is time for Shacknews Evening Reading.


Would you look at that, another week has started already. I can hardly believe it. It feels like just yesterday I was wishing you all a good weekend. How was your Saturday and Sunday? I trust you stayed safe and also went out and voted? If you've yet to vote, make sure you get that squared away. Now, let's take a look at some articles from today as well as some memes.

In case you missed it at Shacknews:

And now... Other Stuff From The Internet!!!

PlayStation 5

Exciting! Stay tuned for more.

NFL memes!

Oh, mate. He's gonna get ya!

Halloween time

King of the Hill is great. This episode is also great. It's Season 2, Episode 4, for those that want to go and check it out.

Dana Donnelly is hilarious

This comedian's Twitter feed is full of these gems. I love a bit of social commentary.

Fairy tales are weird

Maybe we shouldn't be digging too deep into these stories.

Cat's hug on their own schedule

It's a great day when a cat decides to bless you with a lap cuddle.

Her name is Lola!

She is a puppy!

PS5 stands for Popped Shirt 5

Not too sure how to make it work for the toothbrush though.

Among Us

This game is still so great.

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Here's a photo of Rad having a real good sleep in a comfy blanket. He likes finding little nooks like this and settling in.

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