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Minecraft Dungeons' Spooky Fall Event adds Apocalypse Plus difficulty

Minecraft Dungeons' first Halloween event is underway, but it may be the permanent new difficulty mode that's scarier than anything else.


Minecraft players are used to celebrating the Halloween season. But now there's a new Minecraft game in town, the dungeon crawling spin-off Minecraft Dungeons. Those players will be happy to hear that this game is also getting into the Halloween spirit with a brand new event called the Spooky Fall Event. It's filled with cool holiday-themed items, but the real frights might come from the new difficulty level called Apocalypse Plus.

Let's allow the Minecraft website to explain what this new addition to Dungeons entails:

Some people out there are pretty brave and want even more of a challenge, so the Minecraft Dungeons team delivered. Apocalypse Plus is a new feature that brings the most extreme difficulty mode yet as well as twenty increasingly challenging levels. This new mode brings a whole new dimension of difficulty to the game for those who want it, but it is also totally optional. This free update is here to stay, so there is no rush for those of you who still need to train a bit before facing Apocalypse Plus.

The Apocalypse Plus difficulty comes much sooner than expected, as it was originally estimated to hit in December alongside the cross-platform play update. December will also see the game get its next DLC expansion called Howling Peaks, which will take players to snowy biomes and debut some brand new mobs.

The Spooky Fall Event will also feature some limited-time Seasonal Trials. These are tough-as-nails challenges that summon hordes of scary mobs and puts everyone in the new Night Mode. Those who survive will receive a set of themed items.

The Minecraft Dungeons Spooky Fall Event is happening right now across all of the game's platforms and will continue through November 3. However, the Apocalypse Plus difficulty is here to stay, so take it on if you dare.

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