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Torchlight 3 explores the Nintendo Switch dungeon today

Perfect World finally got around to issuing a release date for Torchlight 3 on Nintendo Switch. That release date... is today.


It wasn't very long ago that Torchlight 3 came out of Steam Early Access and got its 1.0 release on PC. But wait, wasn't the game also supposed to come to Nintendo Switch? Some Switch owners might recall August's Indie World presentation, which revealed that Perfect World's dungeon crawler was also headed to Nintendo's console. Well, Perfect World hasn't forgotten and it's ready to release Torchlight 3 on Switch. In fact, it's out right now.

Perfect World surprised Switch owners with a new trailer and the announcement that Torchlight 3 is now up and running on the Nintendo eShop. This is the full Torchlight 3 experience containing everything up to the 1.0 version. The Switch version has a few exclusive features that its PC, Xbox, and PlayStation comtemporaries don't, mainly touch screen support for anybody looking to play in Handheld Mode. On top of that, anybody who purchases the Switch version of Torchlight 3 will also receive a new exclusive red fairy pet, the Ashen Glittersprite.

Shacknews had a lot of good things to say about Torchlight 3 on PC. Here's an excerpt from our review:

If there’s one thing the game gets right, it’s that Torchlight 3 makes you feel unstoppable. As you increase in power, waves of enemies crumble before your might as you balance your class’ skills. There’s something within my monkey brain that loves seeing big numbers, hundreds of numbers, popping up on the screen as I spin, cleave, and blast my way through hordes of goblins, spiders, and mechanical beasts.

Then there’s the loot. Bosses pop with a burst of gear and gold, chests spew forth rewards, and you’re never far from diving into your inventory to inspect a new item and tinker with your build. Torchlight 3 is incredibly addictive. It’s very easy to be playing until the sun comes up.

There are also some great quality of life mechanics that make Torchlight 3 feel more instantaneous, as if you’re never far from the next screen full of enemies. Players can instantly teleport to one another as opposed to running to catch up. Items are scrapped or sold without long waits or holding of buttons. Practically every element is focused on being fast, snappy, and getting the player straight back to the action.

Torchlight 3 is out now on the Nintendo eShop for $39.99. It's also available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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