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Streaming service Quibi calls it quits-bi

The company lifespan was about as long as its bite-sized chunks of original content.


What if you could take everything people love about video streaming services and then create some odd artificial barriers to entry? Then you’d have Quibi, the Jeffrey Katzenberg-led streaming company that launched this past April that specialized in short-form content. It would seem that the general public never connected with the company’s pitch and the entire operation is now being shuttered.

What were the factors that led to the demise of Quibi? While it would be easy and somewhat accurate to point the finger at COVID-19, other factors were certainly at play. For starters, the on-demand streaming market is already crowded with heavyweights like Netflix and Hulu. 2020 also saw the launch of several similar services from media giants such as HBO MAX and Peacock, floated by AT&T and NBC Universal, respectively. 

Quibi did itself no favors by restricting its content to mobile devices. The company heavily invested in original content with A-list stars and expected the public to lay out cash with no way to consume the media on their TVs. With their original programming formatted in both widescreen and portrait format, they certainly didn’t endear themselves to folks who scoff at vertical videos. In a similar story, I also stopped patronizing my local Italian eatery after they insisted I eat their spaghetti using only fingerless gloves. Che palle!

Prior to the announcement that Quibi would be closing its doors, Katzenberg reportedly tried to unload the company to other firms. I guess that didn’t work out.

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