AOC's Among Us stream brings in about 439,000 concurrent viewers

The reason why the representative of New York's Queens and Bronx areas is streaming? She wants you to vote.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will fight for your rights, and now she’s fighting for highest concurrent viewers on Twitch. The US Representative has managed to amass over 439,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch in her channel’s streaming debut.

Often shortened to AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has quite a following in real life thanks to her unyielding and unwavering ability to cut through the chaff during House hearings. Now, the titan of questioning has taken the next natural step to playing Among Us.

The purpose of these Among Us streams? To try and encourage people to vote. It’s undeniable that this year marks a critical moment in US history. To ensure as many people get out and vote as possible, AOC has taken to Twitch to entertain but also give an important message. 

It’s rather fitting that AOC has chosen to stream Among Us. Sure, it’s an incredibly popular game right now, but it’s also a game centered on intense discussions and winning over voters. It’s almost too perfect. There’s no doubt going to be some fantastic memes and allegories that come from the stream such as this beautiful moment below.

If you’ve still yet to vote (which might be the case given your State’s early-voting systems), get out and vote as soon as you can. Alternatively, there’s always the option for a mail-in vote. Make sure you take the time to look over the United States voter registration dates and deadlines for 2020 election guide for helpful information.

As for whether AOC will be streaming after the election, that remains to be seen. This could continue to be an excellent way to get important information out to the people. For now, though, we all get a better insight into the workings of AOC’s mind as she plays Among Us.

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