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Hearthstone prepares October 22 reveal as 18.4.2 patch drops

As Hearthstone's 18.4.2 patch goes live, Blizzard prepares the obvious reveal of what's next. (So obvious that I had to ask Greg Burke, just to be sure.)


Hearthstone's updates continue to come at a regular pace. Right before the game's latest update went live, Blizzard had a little tease for the player base. The briefest of teaser trailers showed off a single eyeball and encouraged players to return on October 22 for a special fall reveal. What exactly this reveal will entail is anybody's guess, but it's likely for the game's next expansion.

There isn't a lot to go by with this 36-second teaser. However, the title "Come One, Come All," along with a description that speaks with a certain kind of carnival jargon seems to imply something festive in on its way. The circus-like music, balloons, and purple curtain are another pretty big hint. But a hint towards what?

I asked Video Editor and resident World of Warcraft enthusiast Greg Burke what this could possibly be pointing to. His answer? It has something to do with the Darkmoon Faire. This is the annual gathering alongside the south of Darkmoon Island where players can gather together, take part in sideshow games, and earn special drops. This favorite World of Warcraft instance and today's Hearthstone tease seem to line up perfect, so that's our best educated guess. Expect to learn more next Thursday, October 22.

As for what's happening in Hearthstone now, Thursday saw the 18.4.2 patch arrive. This is a notable update to Battlegrounds, one that sees a few heroes nerfed, several more buffed, and the outright removal of a few pesky minions, like Pogo-Hopper. The full list of changes is up on the Hearthstone website.

Being the Hearthstone player that I am, I'll have a close eye on this one. Keep it on Shacknews for the latest, as we wait for the Thursday unveiling of what's next for Hearthstone.

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