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Grounded optimizations for Xbox Series X and S detailed

Obsidian Entertainment is gearing up for the Xbox Series X and S, even as Grounded's development continues.


Grounded is still in the middle of development, but it's in a unique position where the game is set to hit the next generation of consoles while still in its early access period. Obsidian's been looking into how the game will play on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and offered an update on Thursday regarding how it will be optimized.

There isn't a lot to write home about from Thursday's Xbox Wire post. Many of Grounded's optimizations are exactly what the game's player base expected to hear. The new Xbox version of the game will be available via Smart Delivery and will be optimized to run at full 4K resolution. Obsidian's Mikey Dowling notes that the game will "target" 60fps, but stops short at committing to it. However, he does tout that the new console's version will offer improved load times, greater graphical fidelity, and HDR support.

Outside of the marketing and buzzwords, today's statement did confirm that there's a "special update" on the way for Grounded, one that will likely usher in these changes. Obsidian is staying quiet on further details, but expect to hear more closer to the Xbox Series X launch date on November 10.

Grounded's development has been moving along at a good pace, as Obsidian has continued to add new content for its miniature survival game. The latest content update added new features like ziplines, spinning wheels, signs, and more. There's even Halloween content being added in the form of pumpkins, candy corn, and other seasonal additions.

There's no window for Grounded's 1.0 release just yet, but look for it to arrive sometime in 2021. If you're interested in checking it out, it's available right now as an Xbox Game Preview title (available to all Xbox Game Pass members) and through Steam Early Access. We have quite a bit to say about Obsidian's latest, so if you're just getting started, be sure to check out our Grounded guides.

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