Two Point Hospital gets Culture Shock DLC next week

Two Point Hospital is getting its oddest DLC to date, as Culture Shock releases next... um... LINE?


One would think that Two Point Hospital is more about putting together cutting edge medical facilities and creating an efficient health care operation. But what happens when the Two Point Hospital team gets tired of working with doctors? They work with people who play doctors on TV. Sega and Two Point Studios will look at the more entertainment-focused side of medical care with the upcoming Culture Shock DLC, which is set to release next week.

Culture Shock sees Two Point County in the middle of an artistic crisis. In an effort to help revive the arts in the area, players will go to Plywood Studios and attempt to create that proven television money-maker: the medical drama! Along the way, players can take part in different aspects of film festival culture while balancing reviving the arts with running an actual hospital. And for a chance to live out the Hollywood dream, players can explore Fitzpocket Academy, an institution of higher learning, higher arts, and higher medical costs.

Yes, even with the artistic theme, this is still a game about hospitals and medical drama, so look for 36 new illnesses, including a few odd ones, like Stunt Trouble, Concertoes, Writer's Block, and Private Parts. Players can find new cure machines, 34 new cosmetic items, and get down to the beats of a new DJ. There's a lot to do from a medical standpoint, but players will also have to deal with their staff, as well as some stuck-up diva actors.

Culture Shock promises to be Two Point Hospital's most unusual DLC to date. Players won't have to wait very long to pick it up. It's set to debut on Steam on Tuesday, October 20 along with a new Fancy Dress Item Pack, which will feature 23 new outfits. Those interested in picking up the Culture Shock DLC can get a 10 percent discount from now through Tuesday, October 27.

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