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PS5 boasts 99% backwards compatibility with PS4 library for launch day

Sony finally made some official announcements about how backwards compatibility will operate on the PS5 console.


While Microsoft has been very willing to discuss all the ins and out of how backwards compatibility will operate on their upcoming Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, word out of Sony has been less than plentiful — until today. Sony took the opportunity this afternoon to outline what buyers of the PS5 can expect when it comes to playing games from the previous generation on their newest hardware.

PS4 hits like Uncharted: Lost Legacy will be playable on PS5 via backwards compatibility.
PS4 hits like Uncharted: Lost Legacy will be playable on PS5 via backwards compatibility.

The big news from today’s reveal is that the PS5 will be compatible with up to 99% of the original PS4 game library, according to the blog posted by Sony. How players will access these games depends on which PS5 console they own. The discless version of the PS5 will only be able to play digitally-owned PS4 games tied to a PSN account, while the version of the PS5 with the UHD Blu-ray drive can play both digital and disc versions of the compatible PS4 titles.

Players who opt to run PS4 titles on the PS5 will enjoy faster loading times, be able to leverage Game Boost, and potentially see higher fidelity graphics from games with unlocked frame rates or dynamic resolutions. Which features are available on PS5 will change on a game-by-game basis. PSVR titles will be playable on PS5 but will require the PSVR headset, DualShock 4, and Move controllers, depending on the title in question.

As to the 1% of games in the PS4 library that won’t make the cut for PS5 backwards compatibility, an indicator labeled “PS4 Only” will be displayed on the game’s PSN Store page. Game saves and other data can be moved from PS4 to PS5 via wifi or USB storage devices. Remote Play from PS4 to PS5 will be possible, though Game Boost will not be available.

To make sure you have a PS5 console on launch day, refer to our PS5 pre-order guide. If playing older PS4 games on a new console is not your idea of fun, you can also refer to our guide on all the games confirmed for launch day so that you will be experiencing next-generation visuals from Day 1.

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