The Medium confronts evil with a December release date

Bloober Team's latest psychological horror game now has a release date, as The Medium is set to debut in December on PC and Xbox Series X.


The folks at Bloober Team have more scares lined up after playing around with its Blair Witch game. The Polish development team has been working on a third-person psychological horror thriller called The Medium. On Friday, the team announced a release date, revealing that the game would come to PC and Xbox Series X in December.

A new trailer showed off some of the gothic imagery that players can expect to see out of The Medium. The horrifying artwork is inspired by surrealist Polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski. Bloober Team has been working diligently to study Beksinski's art in an effort to bring his nightmarish imagery to life.

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For the uninitiated, The Medium has players take control of a psychic named Marianne, who is haunted by visions of spirits bouncing between realms. She travels to an abandoned resort in order to uncover its secrets and the meaning behind her visions. These secrets include a dual reality, one containing a darker world than our own. That world is known as The Maw and it is not only a darker reality than ours, but it is a living world in itself, one that is powerful and malevolent. Players must navigate both realities, solve puzzles, and survive harrowing encounters with evil spirits in order to solve the game's central mystery and confront the darkest side of The Maw.

The Medium seems like it would fit nicely for the Halloween season, but it doesn't look like Bloober Team will make that release window. Instead, The Medium is set to arrive on PC (on both Steam and the Epic Games Store) and Xbox Series X on December 10 and will be priced at $49.99 USD. And if the Marianne's Theme is stuck in your head, your can download the track for free on Steam right now.

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