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Dreams 2.18 update adds new music instruments and tracks tomorrow

The next Dreams update is getting musical, as Version 2.18 introduces new instruments and tracks to Media Molecule's creation platform.


Dreams has opened the door to player creativity for most of 2020. But Media Molecule still has more to give to its player base. While there are hundreds of creation elements available to players, the next Dreams update will add dozens of new musical instrument options in order to give your next masterpiece an epic score.

Let's learn more about what's coming to Dreams with Tuesday's post on PlayStation.Blog:

The Mm Instrument collection has had a massive upgrade. This update includes hundreds of new orchestral instruments, plus fabulous new synths, new drum kits, pianos, guitars and more – we even threw in some church organs just in time for Halloween!

The collections themselves have had a facelift too, with gorgeous doodles from Maja-Lisa sprucing up the place. You’ll also notice we've got so many instruments now that many of the collections contain ... ANOTHER COLLECTION! This is just to keep things tidy but to also present what we think is the most useful stuff first. All the existing instruments are still here, you might just find them in a new place.

We've balanced and recorded better previews for every instrument, so browsing the collection and finding the right sound is a much nicer experience now.

But that's not all that's coming in the next Dreams update. Creators will find a new Tempo Sync field that allows them to sync their effects to the beat of a timeline or instrument. Effect field heights can also be tweaked, giving users more control over which sounds are affected.

Media Molecule has also added new music clips, including several pre-composed loops, as well as additional pre-recoded music tracks. All of these can be tweaked however the user prefers. Meanwhile, existing music elements have been adjusted for audio balance.

All of this will come in the Dreams 2.18 update to both the base Dreams game, along with some improvements to the Dreams VR version. Look for the update to release this Wednesday, October 7.

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