How to get Halloween Hats - Among Us

Unlock some Halloween hats in Among Us and start celebrating the spooky season!


Halloween hats are just one more customization item players will want to use in Among Us. These spooky and haunting hats are the perfect addition to your little spaceman. For those playing outside of creepy October holiday, unlocking these hats becomes a bit more involved. Whether you’re on PC or mobile, getting Halloween Hats is easy.

How to unlock Halloween Hats

halloween hats among us
There are a bunch of Halloween Hats to use in Among Us, including the hockey mask and the plague doctor.

To unlock Halloween Hats in Among Us, play a game or enter a lobby on Halloween, which is October 31st. For those planning on playing around that time, you’ll find the hats added to your in-game inventory. However, if you’re playing before or after Halloween, there is a way to get the hats early (or late, depending on your perspective) and it just requires you to change your system’s date and time.

To change your PC or mobile’s Date and Time to unlock the Halloween Hats in Among Us, follow these steps:

  1. Go into your system settings
  2. Locate the Date and Time option (this is under General on iPhone)
  3. Switch “Set Automatically” to OFF – this may disconnect you from the internet
  4. Set the date to October 30th at 11:59 p.m.
  5. Quickly, start Among Us and wait at the main menu until the date changes to October 31st
  6. Select Local or Online and then Host a game
  7. Go to the laptop and click it or select Customize
  8. You will find the Halloween Hats under the Hats tab

Remember to go back in and change the Date and Time to “Set Automatically” so you can connect to the internet and get accurate calendar prompts.

If you don’t find the Halloween Hats in your character creator, you may need to reset the game. To do this, simply close it and reboot it.

Now that you’ve got your Halloween Hats sorted, why not play a game of Hide and Seek in Among Us? That would be the perfect scary game to play, especially if the Impostor is wearing a hockey mask. Remember, there are more nifty guides to be found on the Shacknews Among Us page!

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