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Minecraft Dungeons Howling Peaks DLC, cross-platform play revealed at Minecraft Live

Minecraft Dungeons is getting more DLC, but more importantly, it's about to get cross-platform play.


Minecraft Live 2020 continues with more announcements for Mojang's various line of block-tastic games. This includes the dungeon crawler Minecraft Dungeons, which recently wrapped up its first season pass. But the game's development is not over yet. During today's presentation, new DLC was revealed called the Howling Peaks.

The Howling Peaks will take players into the snowy mountaintops. They'll encounter dangerous new mobs, but the greater peril will come from the winds at the top of the mountain's peaks. If players can survive the mobs and the harrowing winds, they'll take on a fearsome new boss called the Tempest Golem.

But the Howling Peaks taking Minecraft Dungeons players to the snowy mountaintops is not all that was revealed. Four members of the development team all jumped in on different platforms, revealing cross-platform play for the first time. Viewers were treated to a brief Minecraft Dungeons session with the four players on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch all in the same game.

Beyond the new level expansions and cross-play, players can also expect to see a new game mode called Apocalypse Plus, which will introduce 20 crushing new difficulty levels. While level expansions come at a premium, cross-platform play and Apocalypse Plus will be added to Minecraft Dungeons as part of a free update for all players. On top of that, the DLC train doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon. Following the Howling Peaks reveal, viewers were treated to a sizzle reel showing off more of what's in the works for Minecraft Dungeons in the future.

Minecraft Dungeons' Howling Peaks DLC, cross-platorm play, and Apocalypse Plus mode will be released in December on all platforms. You can learn more about everything revealed today on the Minecraft website.

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