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Does Star Wars: Squadrons have crossplay?

Find out whether or not Star Wars: Squadrons has crossplay on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


Star Wars: Squadrons brings the exciting action of space battles to EA’s offerings in the latest game based on the popular franchise. As you plan to dive into the new title, it’s going to be important to know what you’re getting into, and many players have found themselves wondering if Star Wars Squadrons supports crossplay. Here’s what you need to know.

Does Star Wars: Squadrons have crossplay?

Yes, Star Wars: Squadrons does support crossplay. In fact, it supports cross-platform play through all three major platforms, including PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Users on the PC and PS4 will also be able to take part in the game’s VR components, further allowing them to become immersed in the Star Wars universe.

Does Star Wars Squadrons have crossplay?
Yes, Star Wars Squadrons does support crossplay.

It’s great to see more games coming out and supporting cross-play right out the gate and it will no doubt help to even out the numbers when it comes to Star Wars: Squadrons’ playerbase. It’s unclear yet how EA plans to ensure the entire experience is balanced with keyboard / mouse and console players all playing together, or if crossplay will rely heavily on you specifically joining lobbies with your friends on other consoles.

If you haven’t been paying attention to Star Wars Squadrons, then allow me to bring you into the loop. Our very own Chris Jarrad took a microscope to the game quite recently, writing in his Star Wars Squadron review, “After an uneven string of massive tie-in games with massive budgets, EA is back with a mid-sized space combat game by the name of Star Wars: Squadrons. By simply sticking with a tight focus on starfighter combat and seemingly eschewing the typical EA formula of attempting to be all things to all players and relentlessly assaulting buyers with microtransactions, Squadrons comes off as a refreshing change of pace.” You can check out the full review via the link above for more info on that.

Now that you know that Star Wars: Squadrons is crossplay, though, you can get out there and start blasting away all those Rebel scum with the help of your friends. Or you can join the rebellion and put an end to the Empire’s evil ways. The choice is yours.

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