PlayStation Games of a Generation sale includes first Ghost of Tsushima discount

If you haven't picked up Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima, the PlayStation Games of a Generation is giving you your first chance to grab it at a discount.


There's so much chatter surrounding the next-gen consoles that it's easy to get lost in what's happening in the here and now. You might have been looking so far ahead to what's next that you forgot to play what's hot in the present, like PlayStation 4 Game of the Year contender Ghost of Tsushima. If you haven't picked it up yet, now's the time to do so, because PlayStation is holding a special Games of a Generation sale, which will feature the first digital discount on the first-party PlayStation hit.

The PlayStation Store launched the Games of a Generation sale earlier today. The full list of deals is available on PlayStation.Blog. And yes, it does include Sucker Punch's homage to samurai films of yesteryear, which released back in July. Ghost of Tsushima is down to $44.99 USD, down 25 percent from its normal price. Here's what we had to say about it back in our review:

While Ghost of Tsushima has a few of the standard pop-ins and visual glitches that are common to most open-world games this is still one of the most beautiful and fluid titles I've ever played. While I did have a few moments of frustration, usually brought on by camera angle issues, they are almost completely forgivable when I look at the overall package. There’s just too much here to like and none of it feels tacked on or a time-filler. It's wonderfully balanced and doesn't punish you for needing to attempt something more than once. And, even with the camera working against me, I was able to become a masterful samurai. Perhaps Ghost of Tsushima isn't a perfect cherry blossom, but it is pretty damn close as far as I'm concerned.

Also, don't forget that Ghost of Tsushima is slated to get a massive multiplayer update called Legends and it will be free to all players. The update is set to release at some point in the next few weeks.

If you're not interested in Ghost of Tsushima, there are plenty of other games being discounted over the next few weeks. Here are a few of the big ones to consider:

That's just a small sample of what's available. The PlayStation Games of a Generation sale is happening now on the PlayStation Store. It's set to run from now through Wednesday, October 14. If you forget, we'll be sure to remind you during our weekly deals roundup this Friday.

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