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Godfall reveals opening cinematic, PS5 pre-order info

Take a look at the opening moments of Godfall and learn how to pre-order the game on the PS5.


PlayStation has been rolling out information on upcoming PS5 launch titles left and right throughout Tuesday. That goes beyond the console's first-party lineup, as Gearbox Publishing and Counterplay Games also had a reveal ready for the upcoming Godfall. On top of announcing pre-order information for the next-gen console version of the melee looter, players were treated to the game's opening cinematic.

Godfall's cinematic intro details an epic clash between two sides with only two warriors left standing at the end of the whole thing. Those two would go on to battle head-to-head with their various weapons and special abilities, but Macros would ultimately be the one who stood victorious. This leads into the story proper, which has players looking to build their arsenal and power level to a point where they can ultimately take down Macros, once and for all.

For the uninitiated, Godfall is a third-person melee combat game combined with an action-RPG and filled with loot progression elements. Players take control of a Valoran knight, who will gradually upgrade their weaponry and their armor as they go along. The game will feature different weapon class archetypes, like the longsword, dual blades, two-handed warhammer, and more.

Those looking to get in on the pre-ordering craze that seems to have opened up today can pre-order Godfall right now for their PS5. All three versions of Godfall are available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store. Anybody who pre-orders the game in advance can pick up a Godfall Starter Pack of early equipment Augments and Trinkets, along with the Chrome Silvermane, the Phoenix and Greyhawk skin cosmetic variants, a red Typhon variant, and Zer0’s sword from the Borderlands series. Godfall is set to release on PS5 and PC via the Epic Games Store on November 12.

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