ShackStream: Indie-licious puts on its serious face in Serious Sam 4

Never you mind the screaming headless bomb monster in the background, Indie-licious is very serious business, and we'll prove it today on Serious Sam 4. Seriously.


Look at my face. Okay… never mind you can’t see it right now, but it’s very serious. So serious because we’re going live with another week of Indie-licious. And such a serious show can mean we’re showcasing some seriously good indies. On this week in particular, we’re talking Serious Sam 4.

This Indie-licous romp thorugh Serious Sam 4 comes courtesy of Croteam and Devolver Digital. Having launched on September 24, 2020 on Steam and Google Stadia, and coming to consoles in 2021, Serious Sam 4 is a return to the cult-classic first-person shooter franchise, featuring a wealth of monsters of every shape and kind across expansive environments and the explosively varied ordinance for dealing with them. For every deadly creature you encounter, there’s a mountain of bullets waiting to be pumped into it whether you go solo or co-op with the game to exponentially up the seriousness.

Tune in as we go live with Serious Sam 4 on Indie-licious, where every Monday at 1:30 p.m. PT / 4:30 p.m. ET, we take a look at the newest, hottest, and most interesting indie games in the scene on the Shacknews Twitch channel. You can also check out the embedded video just below.

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It’s about to get very serious up in this Indie-licious ShackStream, so put on your serious pants, grab your serious mug, and join us as go in seriously guns a-blazin’ in Serious Sam 4. For realsies.

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