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Unboxing & Review: Marvel's Avengers Collector's Edition

Video Editor Greg Burke assembles for an unboxing and review of the Marvel's Avengers Collector's Edition.


Many of us at Shacknews have been assembling for Marvel's Avengers since the game released earlier this week. Some of us have assembled harder than others. For Video Editor Greg Burke, he went full throttle with the Marvel's Avengers Collector's Edition.

The Marvel's Avengers Collector's Edition features the base game along with a handful of physical goods. There's there's glossy photo that's based on the campaign's opening stage where Kamala Khan took her picture with Earth's Mightiest Heroes. You'll also get her Honorary Avenger Pin, as well as Iron Man's Prototype Armor blueprints. There's a steelbook containing the disc for either the PS4 or Xbox One, which also contains the redemption key for the Obsidian outfits for each character.

The other physical goods are noticeably bigger. There's the Thor keychain, but it's made out of metal and eats up a lot of real estate. Also, it's really heavy, so we don't recommend bopping anyone over the head with it. There's a Hulk bobblehead, which is very... green. There's the Black Widow belt buckle, which is a bit bulky for your belt. And lastly, there's the big highlight of the package, which is the Captain America statue. The statue is designed to look like the Captain America memorial statue featured in the campaign, but this is the genuine Sentinel of Liberty himself standing tall in full color.

Check out Greg's full review of the Marvel's Avengers Collector's Edition in the video posted above. If you're interested in picking it up, it's available now at various retailers for $199.99 USD. If you don't want the big package, but are still thinking about the base game, browse through our review. For more videos like this, be sure to check out Shacknews and GamerHub.TV on YouTube. Finally, don't forget to subscribe to Mercury for the optimal, ad-free Shacknews experience.

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