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How to close doors - Among Us

Want to know how to close doors in Among Us? We can help.


If you’ve been diving into Among Us as the game’s popularity grows, then you might have noticed a few things that the game doesn’t really point out when you’re getting started. One of these things is the ability to close doors. If you’re one of the many confused and wondering how to close doors, then we can help. Here’s what you need to know.

How to close doors

Closing doors is a special feature only available to Impostors in Among Us. Because of this, Crewmates won’t be able to close and lock doors at any point in the match. This might not make much sense if you’re just getting started in the game, but there are a few reasons why the doors are tied directly to the Impostor role.

how to close doors - among us
Press the X icon on the doors in the various rooms on the Sabotage map to close the doors.

For one, closing doors is a useful way to slow down the players as they try to get to and from places while you have sabotaged different parts of the map. They’re also extremely useful for separating players and then killing off the Crewmates that find themselves alone. As a Crewmate, you can’t close doors because you don’t really ever need to. Sure, it might allow you to stave off the Impostor for a few moments, but in the end it just hinders your overall progression.

If you are an Impostor, though, and you want to close doors, you can do so by using the Sabotage menu. Pull up the menu by pressing the button that reads Sabotage in the bottom right, or by pressing E when not near any vents or other interactive objects. Now find a set of doors with an X on it and press down on the doors to close and lock them.

Now that you know how to close doors, make sure you also check out our guide on how to play Among Us for a look at all the basics. We also have some handy tips to help both Impostors and Crewmates, so make sure you check those out, too.

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