How to change servers - Among Us

Changing servers in Among Us is a great way to find new players or fix server connectivity issues.


Picking the right server can make all the difference in Among Us. For those playing at odd hours, or at various places around the world, changing servers is a great way of ensuring you always have players to work with (or kill, if you’re the impostor).

Change servers in Among Us

The act of changing a server in Among Us is incredibly straightforward. However, it cannot be done while you are already in a pre-game lobby, it’s only possible from the game’s Online menu. Use these steps to quickly change servers:

  1. Go the main menu in Among Us
  2. Click Online
  3. Down the bottom-right corner press the world icon
  4. Select the server you want from the server list
among us change server

With a server selected, any game of Among Us you launch will do so through that server. If you’re playing with friends, remember to let them know which server you’ve changed to so that you can connect to one another. Players in different servers cannot play together.

So, you might be wondering what the point of changing servers is? Good question. Depending when you’re playing, it may begin to be difficult finding a game. This can happen when everyone in a particular region has fallen asleep. When this happens, changing to a server in a region where everyone is waking up will help you find more matches and lobbies.

Alternatively, sometimes there will be server connectivity issues. These can oftentimes force players out of games and prevent them from joining lobbies on a given server. When this happens, it can sometimes help to change to a different server and set up a new lobby.

Thankfully, changing servers in Among Us is a simple process. Keep in mind, it’s only available from the main menu, so you will need to disband the lobby and let your pals know which server to change to. While you’re here, take a look over our Among Us page for some more helpful guides.

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